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We offer comprehensive training courses on all there is to know about freight and tank cars. Our offer addresses repair shops and car owners.

Training Courses on Freight Car Brakes for Repair shops

Booking no. Training Course Days Units (45 min)
VRT 300 QIB GW, basics of BR0 ­- Br1 incl. exam
training KE brake, introduction Wu, O ,DK, CH;
5 40
VRT 301 QIB GW basics of Br0 ­ Br1 and Br2 ­ Br3 incl. exam
training and instructions KE brake
5 40
VRT 310 QIB GW, allround training incl. exam
basis training + Br 2/3, Wu, O, DK, Ch, KE
8-10 80
VRT 320 annual, one­day further training (Fu)
for QIB according to customer requirements
1 8
VRT 330 annual, one­day further training (Fu)
for QIB according to requirements of DB
1 8
VRT 340 additional training course for brake maintenance for technicians without prior knowledge
compilation of courses according to customer requirements, depending on the scope (e.g. Knorr compact brake, disc brake)
1 8
VRT 360 training, as well as further training for QIB, passenger cars / on agreement. 1 8

For all training courses on the customer’s premises with hands­on training these rules apply:

  1. Maximum 5 participants;
  2. cars, testing devices, tools, training rooms are provided by the customer.

Training Courses for Owners of Freight Cars

Booking no. Training Course Days Units (45 min)
VRT 350 Training course for employees (insight into work procedures) e.g. for job engineering, foremen and supervisors, plant managers, car owners;
number of training days and themes according to customer requirements.
2 8

AVV training courses

Overview and specific details of AVV (GCU) on

  • Addendum 10 Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Addendum 11 Markings and Identification on Freight Cars
  • Addendum 12 Damage catalogue of freight cars

2 days in your training rooms or in ours ­ with “hands ­on training” on goods and tank cars in the repair shop.

Training Courses on Tank Car Components

If not specified otherwise the training courses on components last 1 day:

  • brake;
  • buffer and draw gear;
  • tank car instruments
  • wheel sets
  • running gear and bogie
  • total overview of freight and tank cars (3 days)

In your training rooms or in ours; with “hands­on­training” on freight and tank cars in the repair shop.

RID Training Courses

  • training course for safety advisors (3 days)
  • training course for car owners and repair shops (2 days)
  • training course for changes in RID (1 day)

Safe Cleaning of Tank Cars for Owners

  • one-day training course in our training rooms

Additional Information

Training Location

All the training courses can take place:

  • in the training rooms of Franz Kaminski Waggonbau GmbH in Hameln
  • in the training rooms of Fahrzeugwerk Niedersachswerfen GmbH in Ellrich
  • on­site on your premises
Prior Knowledge

For training courses on brakes, participants need to have at least 6 months of practical experience on the field of brakes.

For all other training courses no prior knowledge is needed.


We train on a flexible basis ­ both in location and time. Appoint your desired training date with us.

We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Please contact us .