Targeted and practical training and seminars on all aspects of rail vehicles

The rail transport industry is one of the cornerstones of the modern transportation system. Profound knowledge and practical skills are of great importance in order to be successful in this demanding field. This is precisely where our targeted and practical training courses & seminars on rail vehicles come in.

With a wide range of topics from rail vehicle technology to rail safety, we provide you with the tools to master challenges in the industry.

Here you will find an overview of our training courses on offer.

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Extensive range of training courses - no trade-offs

Finding the suitable training course for operating a track vehicle isn’t always straightforward. Furthermore if you seek a course or seminar to be conducted by a highly skillled team of instructors with years of experience, the search for a hands on training using actual track vehicles becomes even more of a challenge. The days of compromises are over – put your trust in the RailTraining GmbH – your certified vocational training provider in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Training of the highest calibre

Our training courses always factor in the latest professional know-how and are tailored to our customers‘ individual needs. It's a training program that is truly innovative, professionally highly competent and ,above all, offers flexibility to meet your timetable requirements, wherever you are – a training that offers excellent added value for the professional future of your staff or for yourself.

Why choose our trainings & seminars?

  1. Expertise: Our trainers are experts in rail transport and provide you with practical, first-hand knowledge.
  2. Up-to-dateness: We always keep our content up to date so that you can benefit from the latest developments in the industry.
  3. Practical orientation: Our focus is on practical exercises and real-life scenarios so that you can immediately apply what you have learned.
  4. Individuality: We offer customized training tailored to the specific needs of your organization.
  5. Safety and compliance: we train you on the latest rail safety standards and regulatory requirements.
  6. Innovation insight: Stay up to date on the latest technology trends and developments impacting rail transportation.

Our training courses and seminars are designed for a broad audience, including engineers, technicians, operations personnel and decision-makers in the rail sector.

Whether you want to deepen your existing knowledge or bring your team up to speed, you'll find the right training with us. Invest in your professional development and the efficiency of your rail transportation business.

Contact us today to learn more about our training courses and seminars. Together, we will create a successful future on the rails.