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Thousands of freight and tank wagons roll through Europe every day to keep our economy running. The The safety of rail vehicles depends heavily on the training of maintenance staff. Using a wide range of training courses and seminars, RailTraining GmbH has set itself the task of presenting in a competent and practical manner the knowledge required for individuals involved.

Basic training courses for vehicles, which deal, for example, with the topics of brakes, bogies and undercarriages or the general overview of a freight wagon, form the starting point of the extensive range of training courses on rail transport vehicles.

Hazardous goods training, tank car technology and, for instance, training courses for hazardous goods officers round off the excellently structured course range.

RailTraining is also recognised as a training facility with its training spaces by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and is certified according to ISO 9001, which is how they explain their training guidelines.

The trainers are regularly tested by experts and can draw on many years of experience.

‘The training is a component of adult education and is divided between the training tank wagon and component training for freight wagons. And one of the main components crucial to safety is braking, which is our main specialty’, according to Training Manager Martin Krummradt.

As already mentioned, the offer is by no means limited to training as a qualified brake maintenance technician, license maintenance or additional training for brake systems and brake testers, but offers solutions customized to the respective target group.

RailTraining always prioritizes its programs in such a way that you as a participant not only benefit from the knowledge and skills of the full-time trainers and technical experts, the professionally equipped seminar rooms or the training tank car, but also achieve your training goal safely and efficiently thanks to tried-and-tested teaching methods.

Meeting your expectations is our personal goal!

We guarantee modern, high-quality, and goal-oriented training courses and seminars on rail vehicles by using quality management, optimal organization and constant exchange of experience, during which you, as a participant, can feel comfortable thanks to our all-round support.

In practice, our training courses are often held on-site at customer locations. However, they also take place in the RailTraining training spaces in Hamelin or Hanover with up to 25 participants.

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