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Additional Training for Brake Maintainers: A Crucial Step Towards Specialization

In the world of railway logistics, safety plays a paramount role, especially when it comes to the maintenance of brakes on freight cars. Professionals who have already completed a basic training in maintenance now have the opportunity to further deepen their skills through specialized additional training. This training focuses on the specific guidelines and standards required for effective and safe maintenance of freight car brakes.

Why is Additional Training in Brake Maintenance Important?

Maintaining brakes is a critical task that requires precise expertise. Brakes are crucial for the safety of train operations, and errors can have serious consequences. Through additional training, maintainers are not only kept up-to-date with the latest technology but also gain deeper insights into specific regulations and guidelines that are essential for their daily work.

Contents and Guidelines of the Training

The training covers a series of specific regulations and guidelines that every maintainer of freight car brakes should know:

  • VPI-EMG 07: This regulation specifically addresses the maintenance of brakes on freight cars and is often booked in combination with VPI-EMG 01, which covers general maintenance of freight cars.
  • DB Guideline 900.0080, previously DS 915 02: An important guideline from Deutsche Bahn that defines basic and advanced requirements for brake maintenance.
  • VDV Regulations 885: This maintenance guide for brakes and air tanks is tailored for non-federal railways (IBD-NE).
  • UIC CODEX 543-1: This codex sets international minimum standards for the maintenance of brakes on freight cars and is crucial for ensuring safety in international railway traffic.

Target Audience for the Brake Maintainer Training (with existing basic training)

This training is aimed at technicians and maintainers who have already completed basic training in maintenance and now wish to specialize. It is also ideal for teams in companies involved in railway logistics who want to improve their employee qualifications to enhance safety standards and efficiency.

Benefits of the Additional Training

Participating in this specialized training offers numerous benefits:

  1. Enhanced Expertise: Through a deeper understanding of specific guidelines and regulations, participants can significantly increase their professional competence.
  2. Improved Safety: A more precise knowledge of brake maintenance directly contributes to higher safety in railway operations.
  3. Career Development: Specialized additional trainings are often a stepping stone for further career opportunities and higher positions within the company.

Additional training for maintainers in the area of brakes not only offers the opportunity to expand and deepen specific knowledge but also enhances competence and safety in handling one of the most important aspects of railway maintenance. For professionals aiming for excellence in their field, this training represents a valuable and rewarding investment.

Additonal or different topics are possible by arrangement.

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  • Target Group:
    Staff who are already trained brake fitters, but who would like to continue their training because of innovations or a changed field of work.
  • Admission Requirements:
    Staff user who already have valid basic training in ‘braking on rail vehicles
  • Duration:
    2 days, 8 learning units of 45 minutes
  • Participants:
    maximum 5 participants
  • Training location:
    Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or on-site at your location

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