VRT 350

Zusatzausbildung für die Sachkunde zum Qualitätsprüfer Bremse

The Brake Quality Inspector qualification is essential for all employees involved in quality assurance, authorized inspectors, and operating certifiers, or those who wish to become one.

Below you will find our range of topics for this training.

  • The 4 pillars of the Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM)
  • Minimum requirements for brakes
  • Maintenance according to drawings
  • Testing devices, measuring and inspection equipment
  • Regulations, guidelines and checklists
  • Inspection of the mechanical and pneumatic components
  • Checking the lubrication condition
  • Markings complete, correct, and legible
  • Operational suitability and criteria for operational approvals

Additonal or different topics are possible by arrangement.

If you have any questions about the content, process, or other details of our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Target Group:
    Staff who are employed in quality assurance. Individuals who are authorised to take delivery and individuals who are authorised to enable operations or who which to take on these roles. Work planners, supervisors, foremen, and team leaders
  • Admission Requirements:
    Trained brake fitters, at least on the vehicles that are to be inspected and approved.
  • Duration:
    3 days, 8 learning units of 45 minutes
  • Participants:
    maximum 5 participants
  • Dates:
    15 AUG - 17 AUG 2023 in Hanover
  • Training location:
    Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or on-site at your location

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For general questions about this training, please send an email to: info@railtraining.de