VRT 671

Cargo stabilisation in small vans

Load securing for vans is an extremely important and often underestimated topic. Many drivers are not aware that inadequate load securing is not only dangerous, but can also have legal consequences - both for them as drivers as well as for the vehicle owner and the loading personnel.

Our training courses therefore take a detailed look at the legal principles of load securing and the physical principles that play a role. We provide information on the specific requirements for the transport vehicle and present various types of load securing.

Load securing training Hanover

With our load securing training for vans in Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or at your premises, we offer insights into the appropriate lashing equipment and aids to ensure a safe transport load.

Practical exercises complete the training program so that participants can put what they have learned into practice and learn how to safely secure loads in vans.

Training focus

  • Legal principles of load securing
  • Physical principles of load securing
  • Requirements for the transport vehicle/container
  • Types of load securing
  • Strapping and aids
  • Required securing capacities
  • Practical exercises

If you are interested in our training course on load securing for vans, we would like to invite you to register for the seminar.

Additonal or different topics are possible by arrangement.

If you have any questions about the content, process, or other details of our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Target Group:
    Beginners, authorised persons, drivers, vehicle owners, loading personnel, staff of transport companies, fleet managers, other interested persons
  • Admission Requirements:
  • Duration:
    1 day, 8 learning units of 45 minutes
  • Participants:
    max. 5 - 20 participants
  • Training location:
    Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or on-site at your location

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