VRT 621

Instruction pursuant to Chapter 1.3 of the Road (ADR) and Rail (RID)

According to chapter 1.3 ADR, individuals involved in the transport of dangerous goods, such as logistics specialists, shippers, dispatchers and packers, must be provided with training at regular intervals. The training must also be supplemented by refresher courses to take account of any regulatory changes.

ADR - Instruction and training of persons involved

Our training includes task-related, required knowledge about the dangers that exist when handling dangerous goods.

Our experienced instructors are available to answer your questions at any time during the ADR training. They will explain the relevant monitoring, labelling, notification and reporting obligations and explain the applicable regulations and their latest amendments.

ADR Training 1.3 Contents

  • Hazards and hazard potentials associated with waste
  • Hazard potentials, types of hazards and risks in handling waste in general and in transportation
  • Safety measures and precautions
  • Overview of dangerous goods legislation and its links to waste legislation
  • Regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by road
  • Regulations in dangerous goods law
  • Responsibilities and liability
  • Neighboring legal regulations

Hazardous goods training in theory and practice

We offer training in accordance with chapter 1.3 ADR, both in theory and in practice, directly on our training tank wagon.

Additonal or different topics are possible by arrangement.

If you have any questions about the content, process, or other details of our training courses, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Target Group:
    Technical and operational company divisions, owners and Entities in Charge of Maintenance (ECM), logisticians, shippers, repair shops, and other interested participants
  • Admission Requirements:
  • Duration:
    1 day, 8 learning units of 45 minutes
  • Participants:
    5 - 20 people
  • Dates:
    13 MAR 2024 und 27 NOV 2024 in Hanover
  • Training location:
    Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or on-site at your location

Order processing

For general questions about this training, please send an email to: info@railtraining.de