VRT 603

International Union of Private Wagons (UIP) Purity Level

The UIP/VPI cleanliness code has been specially designed for tank wagons and is intended to enable all users to have a defined condition of the inner tank. The aim is for the assessment to be based on this purity code and for as many participants as possible to agree.

  • Structure of the purity key
  • Application examples

Additonal or different topics are possible by arrangement.

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  • Target Group:
    Cleaning companies, operators, workshops, industry and other interested persons
  • Admission Requirements:
  • Dauer:
    1 Tag, 6 Lerneinheiten à 45 min.
  • Participants:
    5-20 participants
  • Training location:
    Brandenburg, Hamelin, Hanover or on-site at your location

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